All of our items are hand finished and thus no two are exactly the same. All of our pieces are available in several patinas—including rustic, aged moss, stonehenge, and weathered granite—each inspired by Mother Nature herself. We are confident that, through creativity, attention to detail, and our hands on approach to production, we can meet the needs of any project.

Our company, by the mere fact of our products, is based on an historical perspective--namely past antiquities. Many Silcast pieces are of Greek or Roman origins and extend to great periods and European eras when these accents and pieces became so popular.

We continue to move forward now, producing new pieces to reflect new times, while creating within a framework of the history and rich traditions that are the backbone of our lines.

The majority of our items are reinforced with steel rods and/or steel mesh to prevent shattering if accidentally mishandled. Some pieces are available in a light-weight aggregate. We suggest that you contact us for particular applications.

We supply all of our castings fully cured and sealed, ready for many years of trouble free interior and exterior use. We do, however, recommend that some additional steps be taken by the customer to ensure maximum satisfaction.

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