News Release
March 26, 2007

We would like to share some fantastic news regarding the growth of Silcast. A nation wide sales team including sales groups and individuals has been formed in almost every region across North America. We have implemented this strategy to focus as much attention as possible to our clients. We are also hoping to receive feedback from existing and potential clients so that Silcast can meet your needs regarding present and future trends that the consumer may desire. If our representatives have not contacted you as of yet, please contact us at our head office in Toronto and the appropriate reps will follow up with your inquiries.

We’ve posted some new and unique photographs of original projects created recently and we hope that they will provoke the imagination to create new and interesting projects for the future.

In moving forward, one of our main focuses will be water features as we realize the high demand and increasing trend in water gardens. We understand that the true meanings of the words tranquility and water go hand in hand. We look forward to supplying you with some of the finest designs with elegance and timeless beauty.

We wish everyone all the best this season and hope we can be of assistance throughout the year. Please inquire about our future booking programs that will be implemented shortly. This will allow you to prepare for opening season without an immediate financial burden.

Sincerely yours,
Silcast management