News Release
Feb, 21 2006

Silcast Inc. would like to start out by wishing all of our existing and potential clients all the best for the 2006 season.

We at Silcast Inc. are extremely pleased to announce that, not only have our prices not increased this year, but they will actually show you a substantial savings from previous years. There are some great prices to take advantage of with an average decrease of 10-12% from our 2005 pricing. Some items are down as much as 30%. We hope that these efforts are in the best interest of everyone and show our true dedication to our loyal clients.

Spring 2006 is the perfect opportunity to come and visit our stunning 2000 square foot showroom which showcases our complete product line and features an indoor pond with an island and live koi carp enjoying their own paradise. Bring yourselves and your clients to view the many creations we have designed to help present the many different applications the Silcast line has to offer.

We would also like to apologize for any disruptions that may have occurred recently due to our restructuring of the company and we would like to take this opportunity to inform you that Donald Schier is no longer part of Silcast Inc. Once again we would like to wish everyone a fantastic season.

Just a reminder that we will get overwhelmingly busy from now through June so please try to submit your orders as soon as possible to ensure that they arrive at your locations on time.

Sincerely Yours,

Silcast Inc.