All of our items are hand finished and thus no two are exactly alike. All of our pieces are available in several different patinas, including rustic, aged moss, stonehenge, and weathered granite—each inspired by Mother Nature herself.

Our finishes are what separate Silcast Inc. from our competition. Using a process developed by Silcast founder Michael Silander, our team hand finishes each individual piece, giving our products their ancient, antiqued look and feel. With several patinas to choose from Silcast Inc. is the first choice for fine hand finished castings.

Inspired by antique garden ornaments, our moss highlights carved details.

This warm Patina is reminiscent of European ruins.

Subtle Patina adds age without a lot of colour.

When ordering. Please specify your desired finish: Rustic, Aged Moss, StoneHenge or Weathered Granite. Some pieces are irregular in shape and we have taken our measurements from the hightest and longest point of the object.

Please refer to the terms and conditions of sale for more information.

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